Monday, January 16, 2012

The Sky Is Everwhere

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Today I wanted to review a book that I've hesitated reviewing because of this tiny little thing about it that irritates me.  However, I've realized that as much as the tiny little thing bugs me, I loved this book. 

The Sky Is Everywhere tells us the story of Lennie, a high-school girl whose older sister dies very suddenly and unexpectedly.  Her life changes dramatically, and the most suprising for her is that boys are noticing her.  First Joe Fontaine, the new guy from France that plays music just like Lennie, only on forty different instruments.  Joe can make her laugh and smile, making her question if she should be laughing or smiling.  Didn't her sister just die? 
Second is Toby, her sister's boyfriend, who is as torn apart as Lennie.  They find temporary solace and comfort in each other, usually by making out in Lennie's bedroom or in her Gram's garden. 
The reason I love this story so much is it shows how Lennie finally overcomes her grief - without losing her sense of loss entirely.  She knows what she's doing with Toby is wrong; letting her emotions out this way isn't healthy, especially when she's falling for Joe, the one who makes her truly happy.  This little triangle can't go on for long without worlds colliding and falling apart again, and Lennie has to try to put everything right, learning and growing in the process. 
There is a side-story here between Lennie and her best friend Sarah that I adore.  Sarah, finally fed up with feeling ignored and like Lennie doesn't trust her anymore, confronts Lennie about it.  It leads to a friendship repair that helps Lennie get through this life upheaval that she's going through.  Loyal friends!  Love it! 
So now to spill it.  I'm a little hesitant to review it because I was a little hesitant to admit I read it.  Throughout the book, that little word (starts with an F) is sprinkled quite a bit.  Excessive swearing bugs me.  Yes, we make that word into a swearword and give it its negative meaning.  But that doesn't mean it doesn't bug me still.  So, with that little warning, I actually do recommend this book, especially to late bloomers like myself - awkward, shy girls who didn't really get noticed by guys until their junior year in high school.  Yep, that's me.  And no, I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Upcoming and Why I've Been Gone

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Happy New year! 
So after a few months hiatus, which I will explain briefly, I'm back.  And I have some exciting news.  Well, for me anyway.  Here's what my blog will focus on this year:
   1. Book Reviews (I've read enough now to actually review them.  Yay!)
   2. Short stories and Novellas (I'm going to actually post stuff that I've written.  Brace yourselves.)

I've been gone for a while because we've been dealing with a lot of issues in my family.  Illness, severe accidents, and death to name a few.  It's been rough, but we are doing a lot better now, and I'm ready to jump back on the bandwagon, so to speak. 

Hope your New Year goes well!