Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Slacker! Revel and The Gathering

New Stuff!

I'm just going to rattle off, so forgive me...

Revel, by Maurissa Giubord, was a fun and entertaining read! Although the love story wasn't as strong as in Warped, I thought the main story was more interesting. Delia, whose mother died talking about a strange island off the Maine coast, takes off in search of the island and her grandmother. When she finds both, she realizes she's in it for the long haul, whether she likes it or not.

There are strange things at this island. People live in the water - well, not people really. I like to think of them as merpeople of sorts. Everyone acts strange, and they know these sea creatures, and know that they protect the island. Delia meets Seth and Jax, two people tied to the water in more ways than one, and discovers a secret about herself that means staying on the island is even more dangerous than she first thought.

I really liked the part about the Revel, a festival of sorts, where Delia pretty much refuses to participate. You'll see why when you read the book. ;)

The Gathering by Kelly Armstrong is about a Native American girl named Maya. Link to Revel? She also lives on an island. Vancouver Island, in Canada. A small island where only the people who work at a special medical facility live. She was adopted by caucasians, and now is starting to have all kinds of funny things happen to her. Her best friend Daniel (did I get that name right?) has a talent for feeling things, and she meets a guy named Rafe, who's sister holds a secret that has everything to do with what is happening to Maya.

The further I got along in the story, the weaker it seemed to become. It was entertaining, however, and definitely interesting and different. A great spin on the shape-shifter thing; not the same old werewolf story (there are no werewolves in this story - at least not yet). I really like Maya's character as well, and the things she realizes about herself.

I've been realizing lately that I'm loving to read Young Adult books like this. Why? I think it's because 1) they're easy to read, 2) they have female protagonists, and 3) they're a very fun escape from reality. I don't need anymore reality. I have enough of that.

Until next time, keep reading!