Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What Mood Are You In Today?

Yea!  A new blog.  One more thing for me to do.  But this is my writer's blog.  I figure if I want to be a writer, I'd better start getting serious.  Seriously.

I follow a blog that lists what song the blogger is listening to when she starts writing.  I'm going to do that!  It's so fun, and I like to see what other tastes are too.  After this, I'll try to remember to post it at the beginning of my blog.

What I'm listening to right now:  Staind, Right Here

Every day I'm in a different mood.  Today, it's a writing mood.  I read up to five different books at the same time, and whatever mood I'm in is usually corresponds to the book I'll finish.  But today, I probably won't read anything.  I'll probably write all day.  Not that it will amount to anything.  Days like this can be dangerous, because my books get too much in depth - fluffy, as Mike likes to call it.  Although, sometimes I think it's funny to watch his facial expressions when he's reading my fluffy stuff.

My new favorite blog that I found yesterday:
Literary Rambles.  Love it.  So informational.

I also happen to be spaced out today.  So my rambling, jumping from subject to subject blog is turning out to be exactly that.  Sorry.  I'll try to write when I'm more organized.  In my brain.

Which reminds me.  You're thinking, why the title? I often refer to the word "brain" in my writing.  It's the only way I can describe certain things.  For instance, "my brain was so exhausted, I couldn't seem to pull any information out of the files I store there."  Lame, maybe, but I happen to like the word "brain."  Couldn't resist.

Until next time, enjoy your mood today.  Hopefully it's not a bad one, and it's more creative than mine.