Monday, March 26, 2012

The Secret Hour

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Going back in time today, I wanted to review the first book of one of my favorite series of one of my favorite authors. The Secret Hour, first book in the Midnighters series, is a window into just what the title says, the Secret Hour. Every day has 25 hours, not 24. One of them is just hidden, and only those born at exactly midnight can be awake in this time. Not only that, but the hour only opens up in the city of Bixby, Oklahoma.

This is exactly how I pictured these things!

When Jessica Day moves to Bixby, weird things start to happen - weird even for the other midnighters who've lived there much longer than she has. The darklings begin to creep back into town, risking exposing themselves again because of their need to kill Jessica. Rex, Melissa, Dess, and Jonathan, all get involved in trying to understand why the darklings want to kill Jessica in particular.
I loved this book. Not only do the five kids get to be awake in a secret hour, but they each have different abilities that the 25th hour gives them. Rex has a special sight that allows him to see things belonging to the midnight hour ultra-clearly. Melissa can read minds, or I guess a better word is taste them. Dess is a mathematical genius, which turns out to be very important in the secret hour. Jonathan is the Acrobat. His power is different, because he can only use it in the midnight hour. As they try to find out exactly what it is Jessica can do, they get closer to the reason the darklings want to kill her.
She can kill them.
I won't give away too much here, but Scott Westerfeld's Midnighters series is intense fantastical realism that will keep you reading into the night. He captures the urgency of the situation, the personalities of every character and their importance to the story, and provides a little romance in the background (not that I would call this book romantic, but who doesn't want to see a great couple get together?). If you like books with a little bit of sci-fi/fantasy, set in the real world, this is your next read.
Until next time...keep reading. Let me know if you've read any good books! I'm always looking.