Monday, July 11, 2011

What I'm Listening to Right Now: Rob Thomas, Lonely No More
What Mood I'm In Today: Reading

Did I ever tell you that I hate query letters?  I do.  I hate them!  I've been working on one all day, and I've deleted it and re-written it so many times.  I'm ready to throw my laptop out the window.  It's the same with short stories.  Trying to cram information into just a few words is my biggest hurdle as a writer.  It's like sculpting; looking for something inside that big lump of clay and turning it into a fantastic piece of art that no one can resist.  Much more difficult than it looks.  Just ask Mike.

Mike, by the way, is my husband, who patiently reads all of my crap and tells me what's wrong with it.  I love him for that.  He is brutally honest, and even though sometimes I want to smack him for it, I know he does it because he wants to help me.  Seriously, you should have seen some of my first writings.  Totally scary. 

Tonight Mike will get to read my query letter, which he will inevitibly rip to shreds and I'll probably have taken several Advil before the event is over.  However, in celebration of Obnoxious Query Letter Day, here is a link that I like.  I think it's a good query letter, and it makes mine look like poop.  Pardon my french. 

Query Letter

Did you notice I'm in a reading mood?  I'm reading the Iron Queen right now, and I'm enjoying it.  So fun, and my favorite part is the knight thing, which I won't give away here, in case you want to read. 

May all your literary adventures and ambitions be better than mine.  Hehe.  Until next time.