Sunday, September 15, 2013

Finally! The Eternity Cure is Finished

What I'm listening to: My kids playing with G.I. Joe toys.
What mood I'm in: Writing

Everybody knows I love Julie Kagawa. The second book in The Blood of Eden series called The Eternity Cure was my most recent finish. It was hard to finish, too, because I've been reading Shakespeare for school. I've got so much time on my hands, right? (Please inject sarcasm here).
The Eternity Cure begins with Allie and Jackal making their way to Keenan to free him from the psycho vamp named Sarren. On their way there, they run into Zeke of all people, and Allie remembers everything, especially how much she's in love with him. But of course, romances for vamps and humans is a no-no (if we haven't learned that from Twilight when will we?). He goes with them anyway, promising to help Allie free Keenan.
They have to deal with a power-hungry Vamp Prince who infects Keenan with the new Red Lung virus just to make sure they can track down Sarren and get a cure. We learn that Jackal has a real name - James - and it's fun for Allie to call him that because he hates it. Through all kinds of twists and turns, the end leaves you hanging and waiting for more.
AUGHHH! Spoiler Alert!
Seriously? I think Zeke is a vamp now.

Anyway...What I loved about this book was the story and the romance between Allie and Zeke. They're two totally tough kids from weird backgrounds who want to prove to the world that they can make it. I like Keenan, he's one of my favorite characters, and I'm still dying to find out why he Turned Allie. I like Jackal too, and I love the reappearance of Stick, who, let's face it, is infatuated with Allie and probably didn't feel a bit sorry for turning Zeke over to Sarren in the end.
What I didn't like about this book....not much. It was long, but sometimes it's worth it. And there were two f-bombs, which you all know I have a thing about, but I really didn't think she should've changed the language. It was there for a reason.

If you're into Dystopian thriller/romance/tough-chic novels, I seriously suggest this for you. And as always, Happy Reading!