Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Mood I’m in today: Reading
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I’m late on my book review this month because I was trying to finish one in particular; a literary find by Tony Abbott called Firegirl. I loved the title, of course, because of my obsession with fire, but the book wasn’t what I expected it to be. Because Abbott also writes the Secrets of Droon series, which my boys love, I thought it would be fantasy. Not even close.  

That being said, I loved it.

Tom just started the seventh grade in a private catholic school. He talks about the other kids at school and the roles they play in his life. Jeff, his best friend who shares comic books with him and calls him Cobraman, Courtney, the beautiful and confident girl who he dreams about rescuing from impending dangers, and Jessica, the new girl.

The minute Jessica walks into class it changes everything. Her body is badly deformed; burnt in a fire. Tom is just as uncomfortable around her as the rest of her class, but is surprised to find that some people hate her for being there. When he finds out about the terrible accident that led to Jessica’s ill fate, he feels horrible inside, for himself – and for her.

I love the character development in this story, the way it addresses how we change depending upon our experiences, whether adolescent or adult. It is a sad yet wonderfully written, and encourages us all to be uncomfortable about the right things.

Happy Reading.
(Thanks to Goodreads for the image)