Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Skulduggery Is Afoot

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This is a copout, because I'm just copying and pasting my review from Goodreads, but really. I have to read all of Shakespeare's sonnets by Friday, so relax. Also, this is more of a kids book than a YA book. But I enjoyed.

I couldn't decide between 3 or 4 stars, so I just put 4, mostly because my kids absolutely LOVED this book. They're pretty excited now to read the rest of the series.
Skulduggery Pleasant is the name of a skeleton detective who works for the magical. Stephanie is actually the protagonist, and this is her story of how she got involved in a case and a chase for a key and a mythical scepter that not even the strangest creatures believed in. It's fast paced and really interesting.
That being said, it was a little harder to follow because there was so much going on. I felt like there was a lot of information scrunched into one book, and too many characters. After a few chapters I was thinking, "Who's Tanneth?" This could also be because we listened to the book while on a road trip, so I recommend sitting down and reading this one. It will probably make more sense.
Very fun though, and my oldest son especially enjoyed it and started drawing the characters while we were in the car. If you like fantasy books that are maybe similar to Harry Potter or Percy Jackson, this is a really fun book.
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