Friday, September 7, 2012


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Crossed, by Ally Condie, is the second in the Matched series. I have to start by saying that I loved Matched, a great dystopian-futuristic-rebellion sort of story that revolves around Cassia Reyes. While many were disappointed by the second book, I really liked it. I love poetry and a struggle for love. Cut Condie some slack, because though many of us require a pumped up action filled middle-of-the-trilogy, that second book is the absolute hardest to write. It’s completely true. Most authors will tell you the middle of the story is the hardest.

What the book is about: (Caution! Spoilers if you’ve not read the first book!) Cassia has chosen to go to a camp where other Aberrations work (see first book for explanation of Aberrations). She leaves her family behind, sneaks on board an air ship with a girl named Indie, and flies to the Outer Provinces to find Ky. I love Ky, and I will tell you I’m partial because I’m married to an artist with a sensitive, darker side. Ky is dark and mysterious and can write and paint (important note: nobody in the society can write).

Before she leaves camp though, Xander makes a surprise visit, something he can do because he’s her Match, and because of another giant secret he has kept from her (note: Xander is Cassia’s best friend). In fact, everybody seems to be in on this giant secret except Cassia.

Half of the book is from Ky’s point of view. You learn right away that Cassia is just steps behind him most of the time. The Outer Provinces are under attack, and the only reason the Society sticks people there is to have them killed. Ky escapes with a couple friends in tow, and Cassia follows as soon as she reaches the Provinces. They are both going to something called the Carving, a place reminiscent of the amazing red-rock canyons and features in Southern Utah and Arizona. The farmers live(d) here, which is who they are trying to find. They have information about the Rising, an order formed to eventually overthrow the Society. (Just FYI, I think the Society is very communistic)

What I liked about this book: The little things that both of them do to help them remember who has died, who has sacrificed everything for their cause. I also like that Ky doesn’t necessarily want to join the Rising, that he has apprehensions about it because deep down inside he knows that Cassia will not be with him once they find it.  Ky’s doubt in the Rising is natural, and mirrors my own. They don’t know anything about it, except that it is run by people who once lived in the Society. Not real encouraging.

I also really liked the new characters: Indie, Vick, and Eli. Indie, because she’s just who she’s meant to be, Vick because he just wants to go home to his girl, and Eli because he reminds me of my son.

What I didn’t like about this book: It was a little long and slow. But I think I was in the mood for it. More literary than action packed. I liked hearing Ky’s POV, but it jumped too much in spots.

Overall I give it 4 out of 5. I think this book will be an important link between the first and third book, and once Reached hits shelves I believe this book will become more popular. I recommend it!

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